HP Slate7 Plus TPU Case Manufacturer


If you had bought a new HP Slate7 Plus, you have to think about how to protect the device. Exactly, how to protect the LCD replacement and back cover which will break easily such as falling from height. At this time, you may need case to protect your new HP Slate7 Plus. Naturally, HP Slate7 Plus TPU bumper case will be a good selection. We are a wholesale company, welcome to OEM, and contact by inquiry form.

1.The tpu case is designed with apple logo, so looked more true and beautiful.
2.TPU case is very light, Holding on mobile phone will not feel quite heavy.
3.The case owns the convex lip around the glass display, which can prevent your phone scratched when you set the phone face-down.
4.The TPU case can fit for any headset plug.