Lenovo Vibe Z2 OCA Tape


Refurbish Tablet Display are more and more popular by repair store. It will save your customs fee and money. High quality OCA film will save your time compare with LOCA.

Which OCA film is the best for replacing glasses on cell phone? With repair store and our experience, we recommend OCA glue instead of LOCA. The main difference between LOCA and OCA is that LOCA glue is in liquid form. OCA adhesive is more of a solid that you can handle.

More Detail:
1.Take off glass protector, and lay Lenovo Vibe Z2 OCA sheet on glass, roll it on from bottom to top.
2.High quality OCA will hold glass and display strongly.
3.It is important to get OCA sheet in the right position, we cant re-position without damaging the OCA.
4.The OCA Film is a highly-specialized film that offers excellent clarity and adhesion to various types of transparent substrates.

Product information:
Compatible: Lenovo Vibe Z2
Thickness: 250um