NIU Tek 5D Sync Cable Original


We are cell phone accessories supplier, such as ac charger, travel power charger, battery replacement, plastic case etc. sync cable is one of our main businesses. Normally cables have following problems.

1.Feel the NIU Tek 5D charging cable is very expensive.
2.Delivering speed was too slow.

Our cables have perfect solution for above issues, and will charge faster and safer. All cables come with retail box. Welcome to send us inquiry.

More Detail:
1.The NIU Tek 5D charging cable is made with the material of national standard.
2.Environmental protection material is ultra-durable, which can be used for a long time.
3.Useful life of the charging cable is 3 doubles of the ordinary cable.
4.Our after-sale is very good, we can deal with the problems you meet in time well.