Plum Ram 3G IC Chip


Do you meet the problem?
1.Your Plum Ram 3G touch will only work sometimes?
2. Plum Ram 3G can?€?t use front face camera, but already charging front camera

It may belong to IC Chip problem, such as nfc chip, sound ic replacement, But it is hard to confirm which IC Chip Replacement have problem, it is also hard to repair. Maybe you can buy a new Plum Ram 3G, but you cant buy a data which from your old Plum Ram 3G. After change ic chip, it will be done and keep all of your data.

The job need reball skill and also IC Replacement such as baseband chip, sound ic replacement. A good diagram is also necessary before you do the IC Chip Replacement job by yourself. Better let a Certified Micro Soldering Technician replace the Plum Ram 3G IC chips for you.

Before you buy from us, please choose correct chips which you need. We are professional Plum Ram 3G ic chip replacement wholesaler. Hope to cooperate with gadget repair store.