Posh Orion Pro X500 Tempered Glass


Does the Posh Orion Pro X500 really need a tempered glass? Because the Posh Orion Pro X500 already comes with gorilla glass, that will protect the LCD, display. Once you drop the device by accident, the glass has a limit to survive from the heavy scratches. That is why you need a high quality tempered glass for Posh Orion Pro X500. glass screen protector is a thin glass that will stick on Posh Orion Pro X500s front panel.

1.The tempered glass is designed by transparent and high definition glass.
2.Careful to follow the easy steps and the tempered glass will go on perfect.
3.The tempered glass comes with two protective sheets and is super sensitive.
4.There is not misty screen and terrible bubbles.

Products Information:
Package: Retail Box
Weight: 34g
Estimated Shipping Weight: 40.8g