Posh Volt Max LTE L640 Flat Charging Cable Bulk


We are cell phone accessories manufacturer, such as male to female cable, dual usb power charger, flex cable, tpu case etc. USB charging cable is one of our main businesses. Normally cables have following problems.

1.Charging speed of the data cable is very slow.
2.Material of the USB port is too poor, which rust easily.

Our cables have perfect solution for above issues, and will charge faster and safer. All cables come with retail box. Welcome to send us inquiry.

More Detail:
1.The port of the Posh Volt Max LTE L640 charging cable can insert by two sides, which is very convenient.
2.The Posh Volt Max LTE L640 charging cable can transmission data and electricity steadily.
3.Charging cable is round and quite soft, which is very easy to use.
4.We do our best to make the charging cable well all the time.