QMobile Noir X800 Back Housing Replacement Bulk


How about the QMobile Noir X800 Rear Housing Replacement quality?

Our company offer brand new genuine, OEM quality Battery Cover. Official colors Black are available. All Battery Doors will be double checked by QC team and packed in special box by shipping department. You will save repair time with our high quality parts, customers will be satisfied with your Support.

Does the back cover come with original logo?

QMobile Noir X800 Battery Door Replacement from our company come with original logo and words. It also comes with “CE” text. Some back covers include unique serial number, we will send you general back cover without your special message. If you need custom text or customs color such as pink etc, leave message we will do as you like.

How we check the rear housing?

Make sure items not physical damage such as bended, look like brand new

Make sure logos are present on the product
Make sure small parts are available as it should have, such as middle frame, flashlight lens etc
Make sure products color same as official colors
Small parts function will be checked when you order rear housing assembly.
Check with our team whether it includes small parts such as , LED flash diffuser etc. and what tools you need during changing back cover such as suction cup etc.

We are willing to cooperate with mobile phone accessories store and Amazon seller.