Yezz Andy 5M LTE Tempered Glass


Does the Yezz Andy 5M LTE really need a tempered glass protector? Because the Yezz Andy 5M LTE already comes with gorilla glass, that will protect the LCD, display. Once you drop the device by accident, the glass has a limit to survive from the heavy power. That is why you need a high quality tempered glass for Yezz Andy 5M LTE. tempered screen guard is a thin glass that will stick on Yezz Andy 5M LTEs front panel.

1.Ultra-clear High Definition with transparency to allow an optimal viewing experience.
2.With tempered glass, mobile phone will not be scratched easily.
3.The tempered glass will protect your screen from cracking when drop your phone.
4.Hard surface will resist sharp things such as knives and keys.

Products Information:
Package: Retail Box
Weight: 30g
Estimated Shipping Weight: 36g